What about Mommy

For the most part, my daughter is pretty well behaved. She has an excellent attention span and listens well, she doesn’t cry in the store when I won’t buy her something, you can even take her out to dinner and she is an angel.

Once in a while though, that cute little thing turns into a little monster. Case in point, check out the blog my girlfriend Nicole just set up at www.whataboutmommy.blogspot.com. In the “how embarrassing” post she mentions a scenario in which we found ourselves the other day. What she didn’t tell you is that when I tried to remove Leah from the situation, she total freaked out and hit, kicked and even tried to bite me! I had to physically pick up all 36 pounds of her with arms and legs flailing and then get her in a car seat. What a scene!

Weren’t the terrible twos supposed to end when they were still two? Have you heard the saying “little kids, little problems – big kids, big problems.” If this is a little problem, I can’t wait to find out what the teenage years will be like! Yikes!


2 Responses to “What about Mommy”

  1. 1 Nicole February 5, 2006 at 6:55 pm

    I’m holding on the idea that kids turn into angels when they hit 4-years-old. Isn’t that true???

  2. 2 daphne & greg February 6, 2006 at 12:52 am

    It gets worse-they become teenagers!!!!

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